Allyn: World's first virtual tandem

ALLYN is an exercise bike attachment that transforms home exercises into fun fitness routines. Based on a scientifically proven motivational mechanism known as the Köhler Effect, ALLYN facilitates a convenient home workout between two or more people where they feel indispensable to each other. This powerful indispensability effect can lead to an increase in motivation of 283% and is created by connecting home exercise bikes in different spaces to simulate a tandem bike ride. The result is an innovative workout experience that motivates the millions of exercise bike owners in the UK to finally reach their fitness goals together. ALLYN helps people to break down the largest barrier to physical activity by pioneering indispensable home workouts, contributing to a healthier and happier future.

September 2019
United Kingdom
SportsTech, Mechatronics, Python
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The Challenge

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The Design Process.

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